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From twoyears ago and it's absolutely free andit's yours and it's you know I gothrough pretty much everything I wentthrough just before but in extremedetail so if your goal is to replaceyour income and retire by living offyour property portfolio this is anessential piece of information you musthave access to it's very easy friendlyit's hours of contents plus you getthe manual this is the actual home studypage that you can log into and it's asimple as clicking onto the video andopening up the manual and following the PowerPoint slides that I havethrough through the hours ofeducation.


It's absolutely free for youto access commercial property valuer fees calculator no strings attached and allyou've got to do is click on this linkor just scroll down below there's thelink below just register your detailsand you can access that informationright now and once again it's hoursof contents plus a page manual theinformation here is priceless it took meover a decade to learn and accumulateand I've condensed everything into.

This our home study I hope you guys likethe home study if you do please give mepositive feedback send me an emailtelling me how much you enjoyed it andfeel free to send it to your friends andfamily and that's about it for me todayso once again thank you for your timethis is Conrad Bobby like I'll see onwelcome to the property couch where eachweek you get to listen to two ofAustralia's leading property expertsrice holdaway co-host of locationlocation location Australia on foxtel'slifestyle channel and Ben Kingsley cheraproperty investment professionals ofaustralia and.

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Property Valuation about it's like okay West Coast Valuers they theyspent a million dollars to make ahundred and eighty thousand dollars soless than a ten percent return for therisk profile on that that's just dumb soyou know for it now then every mom I'd ifactor in their hourly rate as well knowwhich is one of my other you knowmistakes that I wanted to talk about isdon't can you know don't confuse and itleverages exactly off this point tuckviews investing with working if you'regoing to go and do a development ifyou're going to go and do renovation goand do those renovations that's great Iget right behind it but that isn'tinvesting that's a second job you'reabout to take away your free time and goand create an equity harvest and drewlimped on yes you can talk well that'sright most of us know when we're donetheir innovations their -hour days andthey're relentless so if you want totake two weeks off and go on equityharvest brilliant but don't everever call it pure investing investing isa is basically a non-active or what.

Growth conditions with annualcapital gains tracking around four tofive percent higher across both citiesPerth is the only market where valuesremain lower than a year ago over thepast months perth dwelling valueshave fallen by three-point-four percenttaking the cumulative decline to .percent since values peaked back inDecember now let's take a lookaround the housing markets of eachcapital city the city housing markethasn't seen anywhere near the samedifferential of growth rates betweenhouses and units like what we're seeingin brisbane and melbourne house valuesacross australia's largest city are upby . percent compared with a tenpoint eight percent risethe.

The sacrifice ofthe soldiers years ago sothat'll get some time www.melbournevaluers.net.au to reflect on themto our next band until next week unlesswe forget Anna reserved arrivederciwelcome. a passive investor it should be aset and forget and with a review and arecord early or half yearly inspectionfrom your property manager and everyoneis happy there you have it folks passiveinvestors need to invest hours a yearinto their in each property so there'sanother good framework for you there.

Times the actual stock market's allthose shares that we buy and sell thecap rate of the ASX . trillion whichis virtually the same as our economicproduction as well GDP about .trillion a year as well so how is itwhen you start looking into that senseor the other asset classes started paleinto insignificance this is one of themain reasons why we see so much debateand interest in housing markets it'sbecause we do have a lot vested inhousing not just from a household or aconsumer perspective moments and dadsthat's where fifty two percent ofhousehold wealth is in housing but alsofrom an economic stability perspectivewe have you know one and a half trillionof debt in housing with most of thatdebt on bank balance sheets okay so whenI do a lot of securitisation from alending perspective in Australia okaythe banks collect the funds they use forlending from deposits and from wholesalemoney markets as well as a very smallcomponent of securitisation so thebank's having that sort of debt on theirbalance books are very much interestedensuring risk is maintained.

A portion of them own quitea few, but the majority of my audience is more entry level investor www.valuationssa.com.au.Steve Yup. Okay. How many viewers do you have?Ryan I've got a blog, video and podcast. Combined, probably , a month.Steve That's pretty solid. That's a good audience.Ryan It's a pretty good audience that I've grown over the years.Steve That's impressive, actually.Ryan Okay. So, I will do like an intro before our interview and then we'll just flow on.I'll do that when you're not here, so I don't waste your time. Yeah?So, I'm excited to have with me today Steve Keen. Steve, thanks for your time today.

Three yearsto write this information it can www.valuationsqld.com.au changelivesalso as I mentioned before at thebeginning of the video just becauseyou've stayed tuned to the end of thevideo I want to give you a free bonusvalued four hundred ninety seven dollarswhich is a recording of the real estateinvesting plastic weekend from a fewyears ago now ninety percent of theseinformation is still current ten percentis updated because of the market haschanged last three years so all yoy beginningright the asset class six and a halftrillion dollar asset class here we lookat housing so when I reported thisnumber in January is six point fourtrillion so he just ticked over on ourend of februari numbers the six and ahalf trillion dollar asset class so welook at the value of that housing assetclass you compared to see our otherasset classes superannuation housingsworth nearly three times superannuationfour.